Free spins are always the talk of the town among online slot lovers.

This particular bonus is their favorite, as it gives them the opportunity to spin the reels for free on available slot games, which happen to be trending at the moment of claiming the offer. Each day, there is a multitude of free spins offers readily available for you to enjoy. The trick is to learn how to interpret them, categorize them and pick the best ones.

What are Free Spins?

Gratis spins, extra spins, free plays or simply free spins, are just another type of casino bonus out of many. However, it is one of the most sought-after casino deals, and one of the most commonly offered incentives. Since online slots are the number one games at web-based casinos, it’s only logical to design a bonus that would be completely dedicated to them and address their vast audience.

In simple terms, a free spin is a rotation of the reels of a slot game that does not carry charges deducted from the player’s balance. It is a free round of the game, courtesy of the operator, game manufacturer or a specific campaign organized by both. Free spins are usually given in sets of 5, 10, 15, 50 or more, depending on the casino’s generosity. Every casino is free to allocate as many free spins as they please and they have the responsibility to inform their existing customers and future members of the available offers.

Different Types of Free Spins Bonuses

Players can obtain free spins via many different bonus deals. They can differ from one casino to another; they can even differ from one month to another at the same casino site. It is important to be aware of all the various kinds of free spins bonuses, since only the know-how makes it easy to choose suitable bonus offers and take maximum advantage of their benefits.
For one, we have first deposit bonus free spins as welcome offers which are available exclusively to new members of a given casino. Nearly all online casinos have a welcome bonus or a welcome package, but not all include free spins in it. Luckily for slot enthusiasts, adding free spins to welcome bonuses is becoming more and more common practice among casino operators nowadays.

We can’t exclude no deposit free spins, even though they are not as frequent. Sometimes, online casino sites will publish a special offer to attract new players to come and join, such as 10 free spins on Starburst or 5 free spins on Jack and the Beanstalk given immediately after a completed registration. The best part is – no deposit required!
You will also see free spins promotions quite often. There are monthly, weekly and even daily free spins bonuses up for grabs at the right casinos, and on occasions some casinos will give away freebies on newly released slots that have just hit the gaming floor to promote them and celebrate the new addition to the library. Basically, anything can serve as a motive to set up a free spins promo offer at online casinos with lots of slots – holidays, theme groupings, the weekend, calendar seasons and so on.

How To Get Started

You can get started with free spins bonuses in the same way you get started with any other casino bonus – by reading the terms and conditions of the offer. In those couple of passages of text you will find all the information that you need, from instructions on how to claim the free spins to which slots are eligible, how long do you have to liberate the winnings and are there any other limitations concerning the bonus. Follow the guidelines and you will get your hands on some free spins in no time. In case you have doubts or questions, feel free to contact the casino’s customer support team, as they will gladly clarify any aspect of a given bonus that you’re having troubles to understand.

Can I Win Real Money With Free Spins?

Absolutely. Free spins bonuses are inseparable from real-money play and their results are proper prizes. You do need to pay attention to the terms of the bonus once again, though. Some free spins will generate winnings that will be credited directly to your casino account as clean cash, no wagering. You can withdraw the money or continue playing, whatever pleases you. Other operators will credit your free spins winnings to the account which is reserved for casino credits, that is to say bonus funds. These winnings need to be liberated and require playthrough to become cashable. Ultimately, don’t be surprised to encounter casinos which offer free spins with winnings that can’t be used for anything else except further wagering at the casino. These have a sticky nature, but they are few and far in between.


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